Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tourism Benefits

Many countries have arts festival and that there are many arts lovers worldwide. Thus, this is a large market. There are many who go for arts tourism, meaning travelling round the world to watch and experience different performances and arts events. Adding on, the performers involved in the festival, are a large number. These performers, while working in Singapore, would be able to expose themselves to local culture as well.

Having held the performances at different locations, people would be able to explore the areas located near to the performance areas. Splendidly, Esplanade Theatre, the main location for Singapore Arts Festival, is located at urban areas, where many shopping malls, pubs and clubs are located. Thus, people would be attracted to visit all these places after watching an enjoyable concert at the Esplanade.

This is why Singapore visitors’ area can just continue increasing all these years. The Arts Festival has played a big part in the escalating rate of tourists and visitors. With a bigger tourism industry, there will be additional benefits like more jobs created, new and interesting jobs made available, higher demand for tourism workers, and greater variety for jobseekers. The bigger the arts industry here at our very own country, the more attractive our country would seem as a tourism product as well. Hence, generating more tourism traffic and sharing more economic benefits.

Singapore, being a small country, cannot be well known for things like having the biggest theme park in the world nor be one of the countries having wonders of the world. However, to reach world class and standard, there are many routes and ways. One way is through arts. With arts, Singapore can reach out to the world, tell other nationalities our name, and that we do love and appreciate arts too.

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