Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Practices

The best practices for Singapore Arts Festival would be Fest Connect and holding some of the performances outside the theatres. Through these two practices, arts were introduced to the students and to the public, drawing more people to the world of arts, and at the same time enlarging the arts industry. I like the way how the programmers of Singapore Arts Festival would want to make the public involved and made interactions possible between the artists and the public. With a bigger arts industry, arts related events would be more popular and welcomed by many. The Singapore Arts Festival would then be a more successful and meaningful event.

Both arts festivals had several promotions when it came to the pricing of the concert tickets. Arts are something that is appreciated by most people. However, some of us may or may not have the financial ability to attend the concerts we like, support the music we hear, watch the dance we love. So, with the help of price reduction, more people were given opportunities and it was made more affordable for those who love arts and theatre. Both arts festivals have promotional ideas like membership. Hong Kong Arts Festival have “festival friends”, whereas Singapore Arts Festival have “Singapore Arts Festival MasterCard” holders.

There is an association called the Association of Asia Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF) and is comprised of most of the leading Arts Festivals in the region. The Association is chaired by the Singapore Arts Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Shanghai Arts Festival are the vice-chairs. The organisation is dedicated to creating and sharing best practices, touring possibilities and joint promotions. By having this association, this itself, is already one of the best practices, by sharing best practices. In addition, AAPAF works towards creating new performing arts work from the region, which can be shared by more than one Festival. It is hoped that the plans and activities of the Association will be of benefit to audiences and artists across the region.

It takes people to somewhere else you know... they could be having a
dreadful time at home or bored and it just takes them to new places, or opens
their minds because they can hear a different type of music or try different
food or learn somthing about their own culture or somebody else's.

There many reasons why arts should be introduced to more people. It is like a religion. It is essential in everyone's life. -Eulene, the blogger/student

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