Sunday, June 21, 2009

Singapore Arts Festival

Singapore well-known arts festival is an annual event not to be missed. As a dance lover, I attended dance concerts quite often. For the past two years, I have attended the renowned Burn the Floor dance concert and they did not fail to surprise me with the great performance put up each year. Opting for a more refreshing experience this year, I attended “pOpera” music concert on the 3rd of June at Esplanade concourse.

Another similar festival to Singapore Arts Festival would be Hong Kong Arts Festival.

It lasted for about a month, from 2nd of February to 8th of March as you can see from the logo. In terms of marketing strategy, I do see some similarities between Singapore’s Arts Festival and Hong Kong’s Arts Festival. We shall look into that in the next entry.

A little extra information for those who may be interested, do you know Temasek Polytechnic has an Arts Festival Week each year? I was one of the performers who participated in the event last year.

I am glad that my very own school appreciates arts and supports arts events.

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